The immortal couple

How far can you go for your loved ones?

The next day while I was, as usual, waiting at the same bus stop, the same man happen to come coincidentally at the same time. This time I greeted him and again got busy with my mobile. He then asked me in German where did I come from and what do I do. I tried my best to answer him in beginner’s level German, to which he responded that he can speak English, too. After learning about me, he told me that he is retired from his profession. In the meantime, the bus arrived and we exchanged goodbyes in German — Auf Wiedersehen.

Thereafter we used to greet each other more or less every day. One day while I was telling him that I also take German lessons, he told me that his wife also used to teach German to foreign students at a language school. I asked him if she still teaches and as a shock to me came a reply, “She died of cancer last year”. I was speechless, absolutely traumatized. I didn’t know what to say. He continued telling me how her students loved her teaching and how wonderful the teacher she was. While he was speaking, I noticed an adorable tinge of pride on his face and continued listening with a sense of empathy. That whole day those ten minutes kept my mind occupied and all I was asking myself was, “How hard it might be to lose your loved ones?”.

For the next couple of days, I didn’t see him at the bus stop. One day it was raining cats and dogs, together with strong winds. That day I again met him. As he never told me why he boards that bus, I felt a strong urge to ask him if he lives in the same direction as my institute. He said, “I travel every day to visit my wife in the cemetery. Before she died, I promised her that I will always visit her. No matter how strong the winds are, how heavily it pours, I will never make her feel lonely and will visit her every day and talk to her.”

His words made me realize that day what true love means and how immortal it can be. Death can never part the loved ones nor can the distance between them. It's not the physical presence of your loved ones that counts, but the memories and the glue that holds two hearts together without an expiry date. To the world, she might be no more, but to him, she will remain as young as she was when they met for the first time. I hold the highest regard and respect for his unwavering love for his wife. I haven’t met that person for long but I will always wish for his long life and happiness. I wanted to share this lovely experience with the world to let people know that even though the physical presence comes with an expiry tag, true love never dies.

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